The Refreshing Springs Church of God in Christ was born out of a Divine unction of the Holy Ghost. Pastor Jones knew that his call was to pastor God's people. However, it wasn't until May of 1996, during a revival service that the Lord released him to go begin the ministry and "to build the Lord a house." The first official meeting was conducted on August 1, 1996 in the home of Elder and Sister Gerald W. Jones, Sr. Services were held in the pastor's house for four weeks. The Lord then blessed the church to move into a renovated Laundromat/storefront on Sunday, September 1, 1996. The Refreshing Springs C.O.G.I.C. had now become a functional church. The original members of this new church where Pastor and Sister Jones, their four children (Wayne, Anthony, Lamond and Stephanie), Mother Lois Lee and her daughter and son in law (Anthony and Natasha Allen) and our children's friend, Tim Gant. The first service in the renovated laundromat, brought family and friends from Dallas and the Central Texas area to show prayerful support for this ministry. The day began with Sunday School with thirty one people in attendance. Both Pastor Jones' and Sister Jones' mothers were in attendance for the first service in the new church (storefront). From the very beginning, Refreshing Springs Church was God ordained and destined to thrive and thrive it has. God has been and always will be the central focus of this ministry. Pastor Jones determined early that, "God, this is Your church, and we're giving it back to you. Whatever You do is alright with us." God has moved this church forward by leaps and bounds. Within two and a half years, the church had purchased 4.7 acres of land and had been approved for a quarter of a million dollar construction loan. Building the Lord a house proved to not be a simple task. There were major struggles with the city interference, but God encouraged us through scripture. He reminded us that "if this is not of God, it will come to naught, but if it be of God, you can't stop it." The work was and is of God and with the help of God, we did prevail. The new church was completed and dedicated in March of 2000. Dedication speakers were Bishop Frank W. Smith. The Lord blessed us in a mighty way. The church grew and flourished. This 20 year construction loan was paid off in six and a half years. The Lord continued to expand our territory. A $450,000 expansion, which included a new sanctuary, offices, and additional class rooms, enlarged fellowship hall and a game room & exercise room was completed and dedicated on December 16, 2007. The Lord blessed Refreshing Springs to pay the expansion loan in full August of 2013 and Superintendent Melton Timmons assisted in the Mortgage Burning Ceremony. Since its inception, God has not allowed the ministry to be confined to this neighborhood nor to this city. But, He has ordained a ministry beyond the walls. We must go into the highways and hedges and compel men and women to "come over here, the feast of the Lord is going on." Pastor Jones therefore challenged every auxiliary, to minister beyond the walls of this church. Each auxiliary must report of their ministering during church business meetings. Evidence of our "Ministry Beyond the Walls" is clearly reflected in the activation of our bus ministry which reaches into a number of communities, transporting members and non members to the house of the worship. Ministry Beyond the Walls is further evidenced in our participation and contributions to Smile Train (an organization that performs surgery on babies born with facial disfigurements), contributions to National Feed the Children Program, donations to Haiti Earthquake relief through COGIC Charities, contributions to Medical Mission to Africa, where 138 surgeries were performed and over 2000 total patients were treated. The homeless in the Dallas area are also being fed. God truly has taken the little and turned it into much in the Master's hand. But God is not through blessing us. There is so much still left to do. God has now positioned us for greater ministry. As our forefathers sang, "I believe I'll run on and see what the end's gonna be." This church does belong to God and we look with great anticipation where God will take us. I am in agreement with Bishop Charles Blake: "Refreshing Springs, I see you in the future, and you look much better than you do right now."


17th Church Anniversary Mortgage Burning Celebration Sunday, August 18, 2013 @ 3:30 P.M. The Spoken Word Superintendent Melton R. Timmons Jones Valley Community COGIC, Tyler, Texas

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